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Great Master Xuan Hua explains that the Great Compassion Mantra is like having the hands and would require the 42 Hands and Eyes Dharma which are like the legs. Could you elaborate on it please?

If I wish to cultivate the Hands and Eyes Dharma door, can I follow the instructions from the books or do I need to receive transmission?

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The Great Compassion Mantra and 42 Hands and Eyes are specialized Dharmas for Great Master Xuan Hua’s llineage. They bear the very heavy burden of propagating Mahayana and therefore need these types of specialized Dharmas to facilitate their work.

The Hands and Eyes are a Secret School Dharma and must be transmitted before it can be cultivated. Nowadays, only a few of Great Master Xuan Hua’s most senior disciples are authorized to transmit this Dharma. You can find publications and other materials on the Internet about this Dharma. However, you should not cultivate it. Why not?

1. The publicly available materials have many inaccuracies.

2. There is no description on how to cultivate this Dharma. This is not unlike getting a hold of a description of the various karate chops but no directions on how to practice them.

3. Most importantly, this secret Dharma must be transmitted by an authorized teacher before it can be practiced. To practice without such transmission is to commit Dharma theft. One will not be able to accomplish it, have many obstructions and difficulties in its practice and will fall to the hells for stealing the Dharma.

Allow me to emphasize again: do not practice this Dharma unless you have received transmission from a senior sanghan from the DRBA’s big wigs. As far as I know, they rarely transmit this anymore. There is no need to be greedy. If you have the potential, you will eventually be able to receive transmission.

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