Summer Meditation Retreat

One Month Chan Meditation Retreat

Saturday, May 25 – Saturday, June 22, 2013.

Chan HallBLI’s Chan retreat is open to monastics and laypeople. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity for those interested in residential training at Lu Mountain Temple to experience cultivation under Dharma Master YongHua’s guidance. For more info about training with BLI, please click here.

As the traditional ChanQi schedule is very intensive (see below), participants follow as much of the schedule as they are able, and can take additional rests as necessary. To prepare for this retreat, you may find it helpful to practice according to Master YongHua’s Chan Handbook, which you can purchase here.

Offered on a donation basis, the retreat is open to part time participation:  come for a single sit, a day, a week, or the whole month. If you would like to stay overnight, please fill out either the Sangha Training application or the Laity Training application. For more information, contact Ven. XianJie at:, or (626) 280-8801.

Chan retreat daily schedule

Summer One Month Chan Retreat


23 Responses to Summer Meditation Retreat

  1. Marcelo dos Santos says:

    My name is Marcelo and I’m looking for a guided retreat to to know more about me, an inner journey.
    I would like to know if you have any course or something like that end.
    Thank you.



    the best religion

  3. Keranmoy Chakma says:

    Dear Venerable Sir,

    I am very interested to watch the Vesak Day celebration of Korean Buddhist, if possible, please send an invitation letter at my email inviting to join in the upcoming Vesak day to be taken place on 6 May, 2014 so that I can come there with 3 of my friends at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you for your kind help

    With Dhamma

    Keranmoy Chakma
    Religious teacher & consultant
    Rangamati, Bangladesh

  4. pongui claver - jaloko says:

    Hi, i am Pongui a scholar of Buddhist Dharma , requesting for a healing prayer for my wife : Mbala nicole ndosa ,who is in critical situation of blood and there is a risk of abortion,please help me for a prayer.


  5. rishab gupta says:

    your colleges is best

  6. arya says:

    I want to attend this class.
    please tell me the time and place of conduction.
    I am from kerala ernakulam district.
    I am very interested please give me an oppertunity.

  7. Rev Essam says:

    Please pray my mother was hit by sugar coma last night and the Lord, who appeared complete healing eagle renews its youth

  8. gowtham says:

    this meditation makes human in a perfect i also join in yourretreat

  9. Woω, that’s what I was searching for, what a information! present here at this web site, thanks admin of this website.

  10. Priya Khadatkar says:

    Please tell me the place and address so that I can attend

    Thank You

  11. shijumon says:

    I want to learn spiritul maditation

  12. Aslam Bhatti says:

    I want visit your Church fellowship, by the grace of God I am a Evengelist

  13. shakya says:

    i really proud of that which i have seen the posted. i am Buddhist master in Tibet. i graduated MA Buddhist philosophy in Buddhist University in india.

    i hope that Buddhism become more top philosophy and popular mind science in this world. what do you have plan and ahead purpose for more developing Buddhism?

    do you have any special and unique idea for the developing and prevail everywhere in this world for the benefit of all the living beings and specially human beings?

    • doga says:

      I have read your response and learned that you are Buddhist master in Tibet. I am right now looking for a monastery in Tibet- not a mediation center- which I can do vipassana meditation for 10 days or 2 weeks. Is there a place like that in Tibet? I find some in Nepal but I really want to go to Tibet because I have already visited Nepal and Tibet was always very interesting for me.

  14. Liton barua says:

    Respected Rev: Ven. Xian Jie
    With due respect. I would like to inform to you that I am Buddhist monk Rev. Liton Barua. the chief monk of Thailand Buddhist Temple & Meditation Center in Bangkok. I am very happy to know that you are going to organize a (may 25-june 25.2013) One Month Chan Meditation Retreat (Lu mountain temple). I want to joint One Month Chan Meditation Retreat as well. So I am very interested to join in this meditation course. If you invite me, I will be able to attend in your meditation course. I already attend many meditation course in Thailand and Bangladesh.
    I shall very grateful to you kindly give me chance to attend in One Month Chan Meditation Retreat. I hope that my application will be granted. I am waiting for your good answer.
    May all of you be happy With Buddha matte
    Best regards,
    Liton Barua

  15. surinder bharti says:

    I checked this course I Like to attend this course I am resident of INDIA How I Can attend in DELHI

  16. Dr. Padma Ashit Desai says:

    I am an Architect-Urban Planner based in India. Also a long time practitioner of yoga and mindfulness meditation. I would like to know more about your center and also how I could participate in the program.

    thanking you

    • mahayana101 says:

      Dear Dr. Desai,

      You are welcome to apply for our upcoming summer Chan retreat by downloading the following application form: You may attend the whole month, or just a part.

      As you can see, the traditional ChanQi schedule that we follow is intensive. Participants are encouraged to sit as much of the schedule as they can, however they may sit out some periods if they need a break.

      If you are serious about practicing Chan with us, you may want to start training yourself before you get here. Master YongHua’s new Chan Handbook will give you practical instructions how to build a good foundation. You can find it at:

      In addition, we can help you build up your sitting practice through online support. Feel free to submit questions to Also, you can join Master YongHua’s lectures live via skype: Saturday ~10-11:00 a.m. and Sunday ~9:30-10:30 a.m, PST. (Sign up for skype at and send a skype friend request to “Mahayana101″.)

      Good luck with your practice,
      Shakya XianJie

  17. With the due honor that I am Bangladeshi Buddhist monk Ven Biplob Sraman. I am non-Immigrant residential monk in my temple. I was came to Thailand on 03 jan 2010 and I am still residing.

    I am practicing meditation and traditional Theravada Buddhism monastic life and staying in my temple for long time. I have performs religious activities life and develop the whole buddist commuity world by my efforts. I am sacrifices I valuable life for the spreading of the Buddha’s teaching to religious devolees. 5 Responses to One Month Meditation Retreat i am very interested to join in meditation retreat. Sir I want an invitation letter. I want to registation in the conference very soon.

    Thank you. God bless you

  18. om prabhat chaturvedi says:

    thank for this

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