• The 10,000 Buddha Relics Collection
    This collection includes two rare tooth relics of Shakyamuni Buddha 
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Monthly Dharma Talk

Four Wheels of Prosperity
February 2, 2016

The Buddha said that there are four wheels which when endowed, will bring prosperity, and in the near future, will help achieve greatness and abundant wealth: 1. Living a civilized land enables one to learn the Proper Dharma. 2. Associating with people of integrity will help us find proper guidance and support. 3. To observe morality means to avoid doing evil. Quickly do good even … Read More

Q & A

How to Receive Transmission of 42 Hands and Eyes
December 6, 2015

Question: Dear Sangha, I am writing from North Bay, California. I would like to ask if there are prerequisites for receiving teaching from your monastery … Read More