• The 10,000 Buddha Relics Collection
    This collection includes two rare tooth relics of Shakyamuni Buddha 
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Monthly Dharma Talk

Great Men and Personal Character
September 2, 2015

For the sake of the world great men value their personal character and avoid compromising themselves. To value one’s personal character, one should reduce desire, be less greedy and disengage from plotting for fame and profit. One should reduce one’s anger and exercise moderation in eating and drinking. To compromise oneself is to constantly be calculating for fame and profit and to focus on avoiding … Read More

Q & A

Resolving Wife and Mother Enmity Part II
September 9, 2015

Question: Dear Master, Amituofo. Thank you for the advice. Previously I went to CTTB (once to attend GuanYin dharma session) and once a year I … Read More