• The 10,000 Buddha Relics Collection
    This collection includes two rare tooth relics of Shakyamuni Buddha 
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Monthly Dharma Talk

What Lao Zi’s Teacher Taught
June 8, 2016

Lao Zi was the founder of the great Chinese philosophy of Taoism. His teacher was very sick. Lao Zi came to visit and said:“I can see that you won’t make it. Do you have any last teachings for us disciples?” His teacher said: “When passing by your natal village, you should get down from your coach.” Lao Zi said: “You mean that we should never … Read More

Q & A

Obtain rebirth through reciting Buddha name
April 28, 2016

Question: Ven. Master: I find it hard to believe that by merely reciting the Buddha’s name, I could obtain rebirth to the Pure Land. My … Read More