• The 10,000 Buddha Relics Collection
    This collection includes two rare tooth relics of Shakyamuni Buddha 
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Monthly Dharma Talk

Three Essential Types of Karmas
November 2, 2015

As the Buddha recollects his journey to Buddhahood, he said that throughout his wanderings on the Reincarnation Wheel, he accomplished many meritorious acts. As a result, his existences were: • Blissful: filled with pleasures that far exceeded all sensual pleasures. • Desirable: others envied what he had. • Pleasing: he was satisfied. • Charming: he was liked and admired. • Endearing: he was adored and … Read More

Q & A

Developing Mind of Compassion
November 18, 2015

Question: Venerable Master, Please teach me how to develop the mind of Great Compassion when I practice. I don’t understand Great Compassion and would appreciate … Read More