Maha Stupa Project & The 10,000 Relics Collection

A more extensive showing of The 10,000 Buddha Relics Collection, including never before displayed relics, will be held Feb 2-9, 2014.  More details will soon be posted to  Also, you can check out our new video introducing the Collection here:

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In January 2013, Bodhi Light International, Inc (BLI) received a donation of over 10,000 relics (sharira) of Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.  The highlight of the new collection is an extremely rare tooth relic of the Buddha. In August 2013, a second tooth relic was donated to BLI. The first official public showing of the collection took place on Sunday, August 18th. For more information, you can download the Press Packet by clicking here.


The Buddha’s 2500 year old tooth is over two inches tall.  It is believed to have grown in response to the faith of worshipers.  A sneak peak showing of The 10,000 Relic Collection took place on March 31st, at Lu Mountain Temple in Rosemead, CA, and was covered by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Bodhi Light International believes that these relics are intended for the benefit of all beings, both the living and the dead.  Therefore BLI has undertaken the project of enshrining these sacred relics in a stupa complex, and building a major monument to Mahayana Buddhism in Southern California; thus begins the Maha Stupa Project.

Lu Mountain Temple is home to Bodhi Light International, founded by Dharma Master YongHua.  Master YongHua teaches Mahayana Buddhism to both monastics and laypeople.  For more information about Master YongHua’s teachings, please visit click here.

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